Micro Service Framework

Cloudforet Deep Dive

Cloudforet Architecture

The Cloudforet consists of a micro service architecture based on identity and inventory. Each micro services provides a plugin interface for flexibility of implementation.

Cloudforet Backend Software Framework

The Cloudforet development team has created our own S/W framework like Python Django or Java Spring. Cloudforet S/W Framework provides software framework for implementing business logic. Each business logic can present its services in various way like gRPC interface, REST interface or periodic task.

LayerDescrptionBase ClassImplementation Directory
InterfaceEntry point of Service requestcore/api.pyproject/interface/interface type/
HandlerPre, Post processing before Service call
ServiceBusiness logic of servicecore/service.pyproject/service/
CacheCaching for manager function(optional)core/cache/
ManagerUnit operation for each service functioncore/manager.pyproject/manager/
ConnectorInterface for Data Source(ex. DB, Other micro services)

Backend Server Type

Based on Interface type, each micro service works as

Interface typeDescription
gRPC servergRPC based API server which is receiving requests from console or spacectl client
rest serverHTTP based API server, usually receiving requests from external client like grafana
scheduler serverPeriodic task creation server, for example collecting inventory resources at every hour
worker serverPeriodic task execution server which requests came from scheduler server