Design System

Mirinae is Cloudforet’s open-source design system for products and digital experiences.


In the hyper-competitive software market, design system have become a big part of a product’s success. So, we built our design system based on the principles below.

A design system increases collaboration and accelerates design and development cycles. Also, a design system is a single source of truth that helps us speak with one voice and vary our tone depending on the situational context.



Design is the “touch point” for users to communicate with the product. Communication between a user and a product is the key activity for us. We prioritize accessibility, simplicity, and perceivability. We are enabling familiar interactions that make complex products simple and straightforward for users to use.


Users need to accomplish their complex tasks on our multi-cloud platform. We reduced the length of the thinking process by eliminating confusion for a better user experience. We aim to users achieve tasks simpler and improve motivation to solve tasks.


Language development is supported by a variety of sensory experiences. We aim to have the best and the most perfectly consistent design system and keep improving the design system by checking usability.

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Design system repository


Component Library


Preparing For Release