Admin Guide

Users with the Admin role type have top-level administrative authority within the domain.
Admins can access all workspaces, including domain settings, and adjust detailed configurations.

Learn more about roles here.

Entering Admin Center

Click the 'Admin' toggle at the top right to switch to Admin mode.

User Management

You can invite new users, view and manage all users across the domain.

App Settings

You can create and manage apps for generating Client Secrets for API/CLI access.

Role Settings

Detailed role management is available through user role types, page access permissions, and API connections.

Workspace Settings

Create and manage separate workspace environments according to the size and structure of your organization.

Domain Settings

Provides white labeling features allowing you to customize elements such as domain name, icon, and images.


You can use the notice feature to view system announcements and post important updates or information related to the management and operation of the domain.

Data Sources

You can view the data collection results for each data source and manage them by linking connected accounts to workspaces.

Trusted Accounts

You can add and manage top-level organization accounts for each cloud provider, and automatically sync them to create and update workspaces and projects in Cloudforet(SpaceONE)

Global Asset Management

You can view and utilize the detailed features of resources across all workspaces within the domain.

Global Cost Management

You can view the costs of all workspaces within the domain and utilize detailed features.