User Management

You can invite new users, view and manage all users across the domain.

Accessing the Menu

(1) Switch to Admin Center

(2) Navigate to [IAM > User]

Inviting Users

(1) Click the [+ Add] button at the top

(2) Invite users with workspaces and roles assigned

(2-1) Add user account

  • Local: Local: Enter in email format
  • For other SSO such as Google, Keycloak, etc., enter according to the format configured in the domain.

(2-2) Select if the user has the Admin role or not

  • Admin Role ON: No need to select a workspace as it grants access to the entire domain
  • Admin Role OFF: Must select one or more workspaces and assign roles within those workspaces

(2-3) Click the [Confirm] button to complete the user invitation

(3) Check the added user list

Clicking on a specific user allows you to see detailed user information and the list of workspaces the user belongs to.

Editing Users

(1) Click on a specific user, then click the [Actions > Edit] button.

(2) Edit user information:

  • Change Name
  • Change Notification Email: the Admins can change the email address and verify it directly.
  • Change Password: the Admins can either set a new password directly for the user or send a password reset link via email.

(3) Enable/Disable Users

Select one or more users, then click the [Actions > Enable] or [Actions > Disable] button to change their active status.