Workspace Settings

Create and manage separate workspace environments according to the size and structure of your organization.

Accessing the Menu

(1) Switch to Admin Center

(2) Navigate to [Preferences > Workspaces]

Creating Workspaces & Inviting Users

Creating a Workspace

(1) Click the [+ Create] button at the top

(2) Enter the basic information and create

  • Enter a name
  • Enter a description
  • Select the main color of the workspace
  • Click the [Confirm] button

Once the workspace is created, you can immediately invite users.

Inviting Users to a New Workspace

(1) Enter user accounts to add them to the list

(2) Select a role

(3) Click the [Confirm] button to complete the invitation

  • You can view the user list at the bottom when you select the created workspace.

Editing Workspaces

After selecting a specific workspace, click the [Actions] button at the top to make the following changes:

  • Edit: Edit the workspace name and description.
  • Delete: Delete the workspace
    • Upon deletion, all users associated with that workspace will lose access.
  • Enable or Disable: Change the activation status of the workspace,
    • When deactivated, all users associated with that workspace will lose access.

Switching to a Workspace

  • Clicking on a specific workspace name will switch to that workspace environment.
  • Switching to a workspace will automatically exit the Admin Center.