[IAM] User

In the User page, you can create / delete Cloudforet users or enable / disable them.

You can also grant permissions to users by assigning them roles.

Adding users

There are three types of users that can be added as follows:

  • Internal user: users who can sign in by using their ID and password on the login page
  • External user: users added by following the external user authentication that the domain has
  • API Only: users who are only able to use API, and for whom the Cloudforet console is not accessible

Adding internal users

Internal users are users who can sign in by using their IDs and passwords on the login page.

(1) Click the [Create] button on the [Admin > Users] page.


(2) After the [Add user] modal dialog opens, select the [Local] tab to add an internal user.


(2-1) After entering the ID of an internal user, click the [Confirm ID] button. The user ID must be in an email form, and not on the list of existing users.

(2-2) Enter your name and email (optional).

(2-3) If necessary, select a role from the [Assign admin role] menu.

(2-4) Enter the password to be used by the user when signing in for the first time.

(3) Click the [OK] button.

Adding external users

Adding an external user follows the external user authentication that the domain has. Without authentication as an external user, one cannot be added as a user.


Adding API only users

API users cannot access the Cloudforet console and can only use the API.


Viewing user details

By selecting a specific user from the table on the user page, you can view detailed information on that user.