Alert manager

Alert manager in Cloudforet is a service to integrate and manage events of diverse patterns that occur in multiple monitoring systems.

Quick Start

You may want to go over our Alert manager service for a quick start below.


It is on dashboards that you can view alerts that have occurred to the currently logged-in users at a glance.


Alert is defined by all the issues that occur during service operation, created mainly to send notifications to relevant users.


You can receive events that occurred in external monitoring services through Webhook.

Event rule

By setting an Event rule, an alert that occurs triggers specific actions to perform automatically, reducing the hassle of manually managing alerts.

Maintenance window

You may want to block sending Notification on Alerts that occur during regular or irregular system operation.
Setting a Maintenance window allows you to block sending notifications during that period.


Notifications are a means to deliver alerts.

In the Notifications channel page, you can set up how and when to send alerts to which users.

Escalation policy

By applying stage-by-stage rules to alerts through escalation policies, alerts that have been received are effectively sent to members of the project.

Each rule has a set level, and an alert is spread to the corresponding notifications channel for each level.