Event rule

By setting an Event rule, an alert that occurs triggers specific actions to perform automatically, reducing the hassle of manually managing alerts.

Event rules are project dependent and can be managed on the project detail page.


Create event rules

(1) In the [Settings] tab found in the [Alert] tab of the project detail page, click the [Edit] button of the event rule.


(2) Click the [Add event rule] button.


(3) Enter desired setting values ​​on the event rule page.


(3-1) Set the conditions to perform additional actions on the received alert.

At least one condition must be written, and you can add conditions by clicking the [Add] button on the right or delete them by clicking the [Delete] icon button.


(3-2) Specify the action to be performed on the alert that meets the conditions defined above.


List of event rules settings

Stop notificationsSuppress Notification for alerts for the corresponding conditions
Project routingAlerts of the corresponding conditions are not received by current project but by project selected under project routing (no alert is created in the current project)
Project DependenciesAlerts of the corresponding conditions can be viewed from the projects registered in project dependency.
UrgencyAutomatically assign urgency to alerts of the corresponding conditions
High, low, or none-set can be specified and in case of none-set, rules are applied as follows
• External monitoring alert: Urgency of an object
• Direct creation: High (default)
Person in chargeAutomatically assign a person in charge of the alert for the corresponding condition(s):
Additional recipientsWhen Notification occurs with the alert of the corresponding condition(s), send a notification to specified users together
Additional informationAutomatically add information to alerts for the corresponding conditions
Stop executing further actionsIf the event rule is executed, subsequent event rules are ignored (See Ways and order of event rules action)

Edit event rules

(1) Click the [Edit] button on the event rules page.


(2) Enter the setting values you want​for the event rule.


(3) Click the [Save] button to complete editing the event rules.

Delete event rules

(1) Click the [Delete] button on the event rules page.


(2) In the [Delete event rule] modal dialog, click the [OK] button to complete the deletion.


Ways and order of event rules action

Event rules set by a user for when an alert occurs will be executed sequentially.


If event rules are created as in the example above, they are executed in the order of [#1], [#2], etc., starting from the highest event rule.
You can easily change the order of the event rules by clicking the [↑] and the [↓] buttons.