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Cloudforet provides a service that helps integrate resources spread in many ‘cloud service’ providers and systematically manage them.

Learn more about Cloudforet through a user guide.

To use Cloudforet's services, the following three prerequisites must be met:

  • User settings
  • Project settings
  • Service account settings

User settings

Cloudforet users are classified into three types: internal users, external users, and API users.

This section only introduces how to add internal users, and how to add external users and API users can be found in [IAM] user guide.

Adding a user

(1) Click the [Create] button on the [Admin > Users] page.


(2) In the [Create user] modal, select the [Local] tab.

(2-1) After entering the ID, click the [Check ID] button to check if the ID is valid.


(2-2) After entering the name, email, and password to identify the user, click the [OK] button to complete the user creation.


Project settings

Create project and Project group for systematic resource management .

Creating a project group

Since a project must belong to one project group, you must first create a project group before creating a project.

(1) Click the [Create project group] button on the [Project] page.


(2) After entering the project group name in the [Create project group] modal dialog, click the [OK] button to create the project group.


Creating a project

After creating a project group, create a project that will belong to it.

(1) Select the previously created project group from the list of project groups on the left and click the [Create project] button at the top right.


(2) After entering the project name in the [Create project] modal dialog, click the [OK] button to create the project.


Inviting project group members

You can invite users to a project group to register as a Member of the project group.

(1) Select the previously created project group from the [Project group] list on the left.

(2) Click the [Manage project group members] icon button at the top right.


(3) Click the [Invite] button on the [Manage project group members] page to open the [Invite members] modal dialog.


(3-1) Select the member you want to invite. You can select and invite multiple members at once.


(3-2) Select the role to be granted to the members to be invited.


(3-3) After entering the labels for the members to invite, press the Enter key to add them.

(3-4) Click the [OK] button to complete member invitation.


Service account settings

Service Account means the Cloud service account required to collect resources for the cloud service.

Adding cloud service account

(1) On the [Asset Inventory > Service account] page, select the cloud service you want to add.


(2) Click the [Add] button.


(3) Fill out the service account creation form.

(3-1) Enter basic information.


(3-2) Specify the project to collect resources from according to the service account.


(3-3) Enter encryption key information.


(4) Click the [Save] button to complete.

After completing the above steps, if you want to use Cloudforet’s services more conveniently and in a variety of ways, please see the following guide: