You can create and manage apps for issuing Client Secrets for API/CLI access to a workspace.

Accessing the Menu

(1) Select a specific workspace

(2) Go to [IAM > App]

Creating an App

To use Cloudforet(SpaceONE)'s CLI tool, Spacectl, you need an accessible Client Secret.

You can create an app with the Workspace Owner role in a specific workspace and provide the Client Secret key of that app to other users.

(1) Click the [+ Create] button in the upper right corner

(2) Enter Information

  1. Enter a name
  2. Select the Workspace Owner role: You can find detailed information about roles here.
  3. Enter tags in the 'key:value' format
  4. Click the [Confirm] button to complete the app creation.

(3) Download the generated file

Regenerating Client Secret

(1) Select an app

(2) Click [Actions > Regenerate Client Secret]

  • A new secret will be generated, and you can download the configuration file again.