You can invite and manage users for a workspace.

Accessing the Menu

(1) Select a specific workspace

(2) Go to [IAM > User]

Inviting Users

(1) Click the [Invite] button at the top

(2) Add user accounts and assign workspace roles

(2-1) Enter & Search user accounts

You can invite both existing users within the domain and external users to the workspace.

  • Local: Enter the email format.
  • If SSO such as Google, Keycloak, etc., is added to the domain, enter according to the corresponding format.

(2-2) Select a workspace access role

(2-3) Click the [Confirm] button to complete the user invitation

(3) Check the invited user list

By clicking on a specific user, you can view detailed user information as well as the list of projects the user belongs to.

Editing Users

Workspace Owners can only modify or remove user roles, and cannot edit other user information.

(1) Change roles

  • Click the dropdown button in the user's Role display to change the role.

(2) Remove users from the workspace

  • Click the [Remove] button to remove the user.