User permission

It provides a basic role-based permission system, enabling you to assign user-specific access rights and manage the system effectively, tailored to your organization’s structure and objectives.

Role Type

Roles are defined based on three types:

  • Admin: has access to all workspaces, including domain settings and Admin mode.
  • Workspace Owner: has access to all projects within the workspace.
  • Workspace Member: has access only to projects they are invited to or that are public within the workspace.

You can find detailed information about the permissions for each role type below.

Admin Role Type

✓ Domain-Wide Management

  • Manage all users including admins within the domain
  • Invite and manage users across all workspaces
  • Assign roles: Admin, Workspace Owner, Workspace Member
  • Restrict access to specific service menus based on roles

✓ All Workspace Management

  • Create/Delete/Enable/Disable workspaces
  • Access settings for all workspaces

✓ App (Client Secret) Management

  • Create and mange domain-level access apps (Client Secrets)
  • Assign apps (Client Secrets) to Admin roles

✓ Domain Settings

  • Configure domain display, icons, and other white labeling settings
  • Set the domain timezone and language

✓ Service Management

  • Create data collectors or budget allocations at a global level

Workspace Owner Role Type

✓ Specific Workspace User Management

  • Invite and manage users within the workspace
  • Assign roles: Workspace Owner, Workspace Member

✓ Workspace App (Client Secret) Management

  • Create and manage workspace-level access apps (Client Secrets)
  • Assign apps (Client Secrets) to Workspace Owner roles

✓ Project Management

  • Create new projects and project groups, and invite users to them

✓ Service Management

  • Manage each service within a workspace

Workspace Member Role Type

✓ View data within the invited workspace, with limited management capabilities

✓ Access only to projects they are invited to or that are public within the workspace

Workspace Owner vs Workspace Member