SpaceONE v1.10.1 Release Note

New Feature


  • Board service has been released that allows administrators to notify users.

File Manager

  • File manager service has been released that allows you to upload or download static files such as image or csv.


Tag Refactoring (Common)

  • The tag type has been changed as follows.
  • As-is (Array of Object)
    "key": "name",
    "value": "cloudforet"
    "key": "env",
    "value": "prod"
  • To-be (Object)
  "name": "cloudforet",
  "env": "prod"

Tag Search (Common)

  • Supports tag search in the web console.


  • The notification UI in the web console has been improved.
  • Added feature to send notifications to users in all domains.
  • Added feature to bulk remove notifications from user.

Asset Inventory

  • Added Resource ID information to the change history page of the web console.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed style issues in the project page.
  • Bug with arrows in the tree on the project page was fixed.