Cloudforet v1.11.0 Release Note

New Feature

Custom Dashboard

  • The Custom Dashboard service has been released that configure your own dashboard using various data in Cloudforet.
  • Dashboard service is a beta service and can be used through the console's DASHBOARD_ENABLED setting.
  • Widgets that can be placed on a dashboard include:
    • Cost Explorer (DONE)
    • Asset Explorer (2023 2Q)
    • Alert Manager (2023 2Q)

Console API v2

  • REST-based Console API v2 service has been released.
  • The programming language has changed from Node.js + Express method to Python + FastAPI.
  • Both v1 and v2 APIs will be serviced, and will be migrated to v2 API sequentially.
  • The specification for Console API v2 can be found at the URL <console_api_v2_endpoint>/docs.
  • List of APIs that have been developed
    • Identity (IAM)
    • Inventory (Asset Inventory)
    • Repository
    • Notification
    • Cost Analysis (Cost Explorer)
    • Dashboard


Cost Explorer

  • The DataSourceRule API has been enhanced to allow adding custom rules.

Asset Inventory

  • Added CollectorRule API to change data when collecting cloud assets.
  • The Cloud Service's data model has changed, adding the following features:
    • Tag-based search
    • Tag-based sort
    • Statistics API using tags
  • Timezone cannot be changed when setting Collector Schedule.
  • A Log Tab has been added in Cloud Service Details, allowing you to view all related logs.

Alert Manager

  • The type of the alert_number field in the Alert resource has been changed.
    • Integer -> String
  • Account information has been added in the message when sending alerts.


Board Service

  • The Notice Board is automatically added when searching the board list for the first time.
  • You can set 'pinning' and 'pop-up' when creating domain notices.

Supervisor Service

  • Added the following Kubernetes configuration features:
  service_account: <kubernetes_service_account_name>
  - name: <private_registry_secrets>
  - name: HTTP_PROXY
    value: <proxy_url>
  - name: HTTPS_PROXY
    value: <proxy_url>
      memory: 64Mi
      cpu: 250m
      memory: 128Mi
      cpu: 500m
  • You can specify the number of pods for each plug-in type.
        inventory.Collector: 1
        inventory.Collector?aws-ec2: 2
        inventory.Collector?aws-cloud-services: 2

Secret Service

  • Supports MongoDB as Secret Storage.

Repository Service

  • Supports Harbor as Image Registry.

Bug Fixes

Cost Explorer

  • Fixed PDF download bug in Dashboard.

Asset Inventory

  • Fixed an issue where Cleanup Scheduler does not work in AWS DocumentDB.
  • Fixed an issue where Collector could not be created when plugin_id was longer than 40 characters.

Alert Manager

  • Fixed receiving Low Urgency alarms even when set to only receive High Urgency alarms.
  • When setting Escalation Policy, you cannot set negative numbers for escalate_minutes or repeat_count.
  • Fixed a resource information display bug in alert details.


  • Fixed plugin connection errors by applying Readiness Probe when deploying plugins to kubernetes.