SpaceONE v1.3.2 Release Note

Release Notes

Plugin extension/function improvement

  • Added aws trusted advisor collector.
    • Some data in the Description Tab is missing. As a known issue, we will improve it at the next reflection.
  • aws personal health dashboard speed improvement (about 20 seconds → immediate)
    • Data can be viewed immediately after initial loading by adding caching logic (Timeout 6 hours)
  • Added google stackdriver monitoring
    • Now, if you are a google compute server type, you can immediately check the stack driver history in the monitoring tab.

User-friendly features improved

  • You can search for time data such as Created at and Collected at through the search bar.
  • Daily Update details are provided on the Main/Project Dashboard.
  • Service Account (Google Cloud) input function has been improved.
    • It is possible to input credential information in Json type.
  • Schedule detailed setting function of Collector
    • This feature is currently not officially provided and will be updated soon.


  • The phenomenon that some fields appear to be duplicated on the Inventory > Server, Inventory > Cloud Service page has been resolved.
  • Improvements have been made in the console login page where, when login fails, the message that causes the message is not displayed.
  • The problem of missing filters when searching for Cloud Service > Region in the Project dashboard has been resolved.
  • The problem of Excel download failure of EBS Resource in Cloud Service has been resolved.

Hotfix Update

console1.3.2.1Create User Button error fix
console-api1.3.2.1Create User Button error fix
monitoring1.3.2.1Fix data_source create