SpaceONE v1.5.1 Release Note

Release Notes

PowerScheduler service (beta)

  • PowerScheduler service to manages the Cloud Server's Power State according to the user's work pattern!
  • Auto on/off scheduler to manage server resources cost within certain user customized group.

Main Dashboard improvement

  • Brand new SpaceOne Main Dashboard!
  • Categorized View for Compute/Database/Storage/Billing services.
  • Move to your favorite Project/Cloud Service with one click on the bookmark.
  • Check the status of Cloud Resources distributed by region at a glance.
  • Check the Cloud Resource usage by project more quickly.
  • New various widgets for user to boost operation convenience is upcoming soon.
Note: the previous EC2 and Cloud Service daily data will be reset due to changing in query to collect statistical data.

Multi-Language support on Space One Console

  • Multi language support for overseas users on Console (ko/en/jp)
  • You can change your language setting on user profile.

Bookmark functionality

  • Bookmark function is available for favorites Project and Cloud Service.
  • Bookmark function for frequently access projects and cloud services per user to help to find resource status.

Reorganized Category in Cloud Services

  • The classification for Cloud Service has been subdivided into Major & Minor services.
  • You access to the most core resources quickly for each Cloud services.

Plugin Expansion/function improvement

  • Cloud SQL, Instance Group, Instance Template, Machine Image service collectors are available.
  • Azure compute plugin is now available (Azure).
  • View for azure's Virtual Machine information.
  • (Power-Scheduler only) added aws-power-state/google-cloud-power-state plugin
  • Other plugin bug fixes

Bug fix

  • Last Collected/Created information is missing in Collector's details tab
  • Other minor UI bugs

Plugin compatible version

Plugins compatible version info for SpaceOne v1.5.1. Updates may requires with following versions if service doesn't work as necessary.

plugin TypeProviderPlugin nameVersion
inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-computev1.1
inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-servicesv1.0.2
inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-statev1.0
power_scheduler.Controllergoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-controllerv1.0

Hotfix Update

DateMicro ServiceVersionFixed Issue
2020.11.24console1.5.1.2query filter missing fixed
2020.11.25inventory1.5.1.3garbage collection issue fixed
2020.11.25console-api1.5.1.4dashboard loading latency decreased