SpaceONE v1.5.3 Release Note

New additional features

1. Cloud cost management function (Billing Management Widget)

  • Now, the status of cloud resources and cost status in use can be integrated and managed in SpaceONE. (Megazone Hyperbilling Plugin is required to be activated)
  • You can easily manage multi-cloud and expense information scattered by account through SpaceONE.

2. Multi Cloud resource integrated management/monitoring function

  • Provides integrated management function for 3 Global Public Cloud companies (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  • You can now manage/monitor resources through SpaceONE without logging in to the Cloud Console provided by each company.

3. Dashboard Widget

AWS Trusted Advisor Widget

  • You can conveniently use Trusted Advisor, AWS' cost/security optimization management function through SpaceONE.
  • We understand at a glance the factors suggested by Trusted Advisor and support you to take quick action

AWS Personal Health Dashboard Widget

  • You can conveniently check the list of AWS operations and failures and cloud resources affected by this.

Role Based Access Control(RBAC, Alpha Release)

  • Now you can manage domain members by classifying them by role.
  • It is possible to manage API level functions/access rights by dividing users into Domain Admin, Project Admin, and Project User levels.
  • We are continuing to update to Alpha Release.

5. Multi authentication function

  • Multiple authentication backends can be linked.
  • Create a flexible collaboration environment through various combinations such as ID/PW, oAuth2, KeyClock, and ActiveDirectory.

6. Console Login Page Renewal

  • The design, performance & stability of the user login page have been improved.
  • Provides SSO function (in case of oAuth2 authentication)

Bug fixes

  • Improved a number of minor bugs related to API authentication -PowerScheduler Console Bug fix

Cloud Service List that can be collected/monitored


  • Collectible services: EC2, ELB, VPC, S3, RDS, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, EKS, ECR, ECS, EFS, API Gateway, AutoScaling, CloudFront, CloudTrail, DirectConnect, Security Group, EIP, IAM, KMS, Lambda, Redshift , Route53, Secrets Manager, SNS, SQS, Personal Health Dashboard, Trusted Advisor
  • Monitoring linkage: cloudwatch


  • Collectible services: Server, Snapshot, Disk
  • Monitoring interlocking: azure monitor

Google Cloud

  • Collectible services: Server, Instance Group, Instance Template, Machine Images, Disk, Snapshot, Storage, Cloud SQL, VPC
  • Monitoring integration: google stackdriver

Future plans

  • We plan to expand to major domestic and foreign clouds such as Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, vSphere, Openstack, Naver Cloud, and KT Cloud.


Introducing the plug-in version compatible with SpaceOne v1.5.3. If there is something wrong with the function, the latest update of the plugin to the version below is required.

Compatible plugin list

whether addedplugin typeProviderplug-in nameversion
-inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-computev1.2
-inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-servicesv1.1
-inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-statev1.0
-monitoring.DataSourcegoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-stackdriverv1.0.2
-power_scheduler.Controllergoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-controllerv1.0.1

Plug-ins not supported

  • The target plugin is replaced by aws-personal-health-dashboard to provide a function.
  • Uninstallation is required when installing version 1.5.3.
plugin typeProviderplug-in nameversion

Hotfix Update

DateMicro ServiceVersionChanges
2020.12.30inventory1.5.3.5modified resource collecting stability issue
2020.12.30identity1.5.3.1fixed minor bug
2020.12.30console-api1.5.3.1fixed minor bug
2020.12.30repository1.5.3.1fixed minor bug
2020.01.04console1.5.3.1fixed minor bug
2020.01.11console1.5.3.2fix power-scheduler
2020.01.11console-api1.5.3.2fix power-scheduler