SpaceONE v1.6.1 Release Note

New addition/improvement functions

1. Cloud cost detail history widget added

  • Cloud cost history can be viewed in detail on a daily/monthly basis in the Project Dashboard.

2. How Garbage Collection works

  • In order to update Cloud Resource changes more quickly, it has been changed in the following manner.
SpaceONE versionGC run cycleHow GC works
~ v1.5.3Everyday utc 00:00
  • Not collected in 24 hours Disconnected
  • Not collected in 48 hours Deleted
v1.6.1 ~Executed every time the collector is in operation
  • 1 collection failed Disconnected
  • 2 collection failed Deleted

3. Improved Cloud Resource search function

  • In addition to the collected parameters, monitoring data and tags can be searched.
  • To search monitoring data, Monitoring Collector needs to be added.

4. Other improvements

  • Guide to'Copied' message when clicking the copy button on the console
  • 'Assigned Role' can be searched on User Page (actual RBAC application will be scheduled later)
  • Add a'Pending State' after adding a user (waiting for initial login)
  • Additional support for components that do not support language change in the console

Bug fixes

  • Error in Server Multi Select
  • Status inquiry error in Job Page
  • 'Connect to Console' link error in Service Account
  • Improvement of errors related to role search and setting in User Page
  • Other Minor bugfix


Here are the plug-in versions compatible with SpaceOne v1.6.1. If there is something wrong with the function, the latest update of the plugin to the version below is required.

Compatible plugin list

whether addedplugin typeProviderplug-in nameversion
Updatedinventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-computev1.2.1
Updatedinventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-servicesv1.1.2
-inventory.Collectorgoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-statev1.0
-monitoring.DataSourcegoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-stackdriverv1.0.3
-power_scheduler.Controllergoogle cloudgoogle-cloud-power-controllerv1.0.1

Hotfix Update

DateMicro ServiceVersionChanges
2020.01.25statistics1.6.1.3query bug fixed
2020.01.26identity1.6.1.1authentication handler added