Quick Install Guide


Quick install guide for Cloudforet with minikube.


Before installing Cloudforet, you need minikube and helm installed.
Refer to the link below and proceed with the installation.

Start Minikube

  • Spaceone requires a minimum of 4GB of memory.
minikube start --driver=docker --memory=4096mb

Install Cloudforet


Create namespace a for Cloudforet.
Cloudfoet needs two namespaces, spaceone and root-supervisor.

kubectl create ns spaceone
kubectl create ns root-supervisor

Check namespace list.

kubectl get ns

Helm Chart

It is highly recommended to change kubernetes namespace to spaceone.

kubectl config set-context $(kubectl config current-context) --namespace spaceone

Register helm chart for Cloudforet.

helm repo add spaceone https://cloudforet-io.github.io/charts
helm repo list
helm repo update

Install Cloudforet with helm chart

Example versions are subject to change.
Please refer to this link to check the latest version.

git clone https://github.com/cloudforet-io/charts.git
cd charts/examples/v1.11.0
helm install spaceone -f minikube.yaml spaceone/spaceone --version 1.11.0

If you are using Amazon EC2, change localhost to your Amazon EC2's public IP address at minikube.yaml.

        ENDPOINT: http://##### EC2 public IP ####:8081
      DOMAIN_NAME: spaceone
      DOMAIN_NAME_REF: spaceone

You need to check status of pods.

kubectl get pod

Check if STATUS is Completed or Running. It will take some time, so please wait.


Installing Cloudforet on minikube doesn't provide any Ingress objects such as Amazon ALB or NGINX ingress controller. We can use kubectl port-forward instead.

kubectl port-forward -n spaceone svc/console 8080:80 --address=''
kubectl port-forward -n spaceone svc/console-api 8081:80 --address=''

Open two terminals then run each command at separate terminal.


You can run kubectl port-forward in background by adding & at the end.

kubectl port-forward -n spaceone svc/console 8080:80 --address='' &
kubectl port-forward -n spaceone svc/console-api 8081:80 --address='' &

Start Cloudforet

Log-In (Sign in for Root Account)

Open browser (localhost:8080)


Initial Setup


If you are using Amazon Linux(RedHat Linux), you have to install required dependencies.

yum install socat